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An Israeli Tech Venture Studio


We build sustainable commercial companies by partnering with purpose-driven entrepreneurs

with extraordinary climate tech solutions



Our mission is to partner with visionary entrepreneurs who are dedicated to addressing critical challenges in climate adoption

within the $1 trillion Climate Tech market. Through the Tonbo Fund, we provide early-stage funding to Israeli ventures -

from Pre-Seed to Series A


In addition to essential capital, we offer valuable mentorship and access to an extensive network of industry experts.

By breaking down barriers and driving economic growth, we guide these ventures through

the complexities of early-stage entrepreneurship and facilitate their growth. For the benefit of the planet and all involved.


We focus on tech solutions targeting the most pressing issues of decarbonization, climate adaptation,

and environmental protection, placing our bet on the entrepreneurs, who are pioneers in changing the world.

With visionary thinking, risk-taking mindset, determination, ability to create transformative impact, and tons of resilience, we know they will likely be the ones to make a difference.



We re an experienced and complementary team of Climate and Tech investors, operators and venture builders.

We believe that success should be as enjoyable as it is serious.

Maybe something about the meaning of Tonbo and how it relates to you?

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